(November - December 2019)

A structure is only as sure as its foundation. In this series, we'll be walking through the first two chapters of Luke. As we study the familiar Christmas passages, we will see some of the core doctrines that define a healthy church.

Latest Media - December 1, 2019
The Building Block of Surrender

(September - November 2019)

Life is messy. We are imperfect people in an imperfect world. Unfortunately, too many of us ignore our messes or hide them instead of allowing Jesus to heal them. In this series, we learn the secret of authentic Christian living, and we'll see that Jesus offers real hope in the midst of real life.

Latest Media - November 10, 2019
Together Again

(January - September 2019)

In the book of Revelation, Jesus gave John a 20/20 vision of what was going to take place in the future of the church.
As we study this book together, our prayer is that God would not only gain a better understanding of his glory and his reign but that he would also give our church a clear vision in our own context as we approach the year 2020.

Latest Media - September 9, 2019
Coming Soon


(June - December 2018)

Elijah was a powerful prophet whom the Lord used mightily to draw people to himself. But James tells us that Elijah wasn't some supersaint--he was a man just like us.
In this study, we will walk through portions of 1 & 2 Kings as we see God use an ordinary man to do some extraordinary things.

Latest Media - December 2, 2018
Pick up the Power

(April - June 2018)

The resurrection of Jesus does more than just give us the hope of eternal life. Jesus desires that we experience his fullness now. Journey through God's Word with us as we discover the secret to truly abundant living.

Latest Media - June 3, 2018
Come Alive in Him

(Jan. - Mar. 2018)

We tend to live like tomorrow is guaranteed...but it's not. The Lord could come back at anytime. Are you ready? This study takes us through the book of Joel as we prepare ourselves for the Day of the Lord.

Latest Media - March 18, 2018
See It and Believe It


(Nov. - Dec. 2017)

The holidays are a time of wonder and celebration. But they can also be a time of pain.
Sometimes the holidays hurt. How do we face the holidays with broken families? Lost loved ones? Fear of the uknown? Crushed dreams?
God's Word gives us the answer.

Latest Media - December 31, 2017
Hope for a Hurting Heart

(July - Nov. 2017)

What would it look like for Christ to be first in every area of your life? Journey with us through the book of Colossians as we rediscover the supremacy of Christ.

Latest Media - November 19, 2017
Gospel Relationships Matter

(June - July 2017)

Whatever the reason may be, it's easy to put off what we know we need to do. This series reminds us of some critical issues that we as Christians need to address on an ongoing basis.

Latest Media - July 9, 2017
It's Time to Stand in Christ


(Apr. - May 2017)

What happens when we die? Will I see my family again? What is heaven like? In this series, we examine what the Bible has to say about Heaven and Eternity.

Latest Media - May 14, 2017
Our Heavenly Reunion

(Jan. - Mar. 2017)

Each new year provides a fresh opportunity to renew our walk with Christ. How do we keep from falling off the wagon?
Join us as we look at several spiritual disciplines that can help us maintain a consistent walk with Christ.

Latest Media - March 5, 2017
A Lasting Encounter with Jesus


(Oct. - Dec. 2016)

Our lives are works in progress. Sometimes we build them in the wrong way. In this series, we'll study through the Old Testament book of Haggai and find out God's plan for us as we follow him.

Latest Media - December 4, 2016
The Return of the King

(Aug. - Oct. 2016)

Weeds. They creep in and crowd out what was planted for good. Join us in this series as we examine some of the weeds that we allow to take root in our hearts and keep us from being fruitful believers in Christ.

Latest Media - October 23, 2016
Faked Out

(July-Aug. 2016)

None of us are perfect. Thankfully, we serve a God who always gives us another chance--no matter what we've done. Join us as we study the small Old Testament book of Jonah and see how God is faithful, merciful, and loving.

Latest Media - August 14, 2016
The Proof Is in the Prophecy


(May-June 2016)

From the beginning of time, God ordained the family as the primary institution in which he would show his grace and glory. Join us as we take a look at God's design for the family and how you fit into the picture.

Latest Media - June 26, 2016
We'll Gather 'round the Table

(Feb.-Apr. 2016)

In Jesus' life, there were a few pivotal moments in which his glory was fully revealed to his followers. In this series, we take a look at these moments and how Jesus' glory should alter our lives.

Latest Media - April 10, 2016
The Other Side of Jesus

(Jan.-Feb. 2016)

What is the church and why is it so important? This series examines biblical reasons for why we do what we do each week.

Latest Media - February 14, 2016
Why Glory?


(Dec. 2015)

This series examines themes of worship and God's sovereignty in the very first Christmas "carols" of Luke's Gospel.

Latest Media - December 27, 2015
What Child Is This

(Nov. 2015)

We consistently give thanks every year, but we don't do such a good job of being living examples of thankfulness. Romans 12 paints a picture for us of what it looks like to live a life of thanksgiving.

Latest Media - November 22, 2015
A Thanksliving Feast

(Sept.-Oct. 2015)

In this series, we examine the life of Noah in Genesis 5-10 and find that God is always faithful, even when we experience storms in life.

Latest Media - October 18, 2015
There's An Ark in the Baptistery


(Aug. 2015)

In Matthew 10, Jesus calls his disciples and sends them out into the world. This series describes our call to follow Christ and tells us what we can expect as we do so.

Latest Media - August 30, 2015
The Reward Is Worth the Risk

(June-July 2015)

In this series, we examine several psalms in order to find the secret to true happiness.

Latest Media - July 26, 2015
Blessed Is the Home

(April-June 2015)

The gospel is the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. But it's more than just something we believe in once. This series examines the overarching effects that the gospel should have upon every believer.

Latest Media - June 21, 2015
The Gospel and Men


(Jan.-Feb. 2015)

Living for the Lord is tough when we are surrounded by a sinful culture. This series examines Daniel 1-6 and provides helpful insights on how to follow God even if no one else does.

Latest Media - February 22, 2015
Liars, Lions, and the Lord

Revival Sermons

These sermons were preached at our revival services.

Latest Media - March 20, 2019
Have You Repented


(Stand-Alone Sermons)

These sermons were not part of any particular series and deal with a wide variety of topics.

Latest Media - July 14, 2019
This Very Moment